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Because of the huge amount of randomness in many of the levels, I can’t always get a fast battle. I don’t think Giant Kirby is necessary because the battle would be slow and take some time. I often take longer than 30 seconds on the preceding multiple Kirby battle anyway. However, I would have to go extremely slowly to skip the Giga Bowser battle, but if I just die and continue, then I could skip it. The only problem is that a death like that doesn’t look that great, but I need an opinion about the Giga Bowser battle. The best character to do this in my opinion after some playthroughs is Roy for several reasons:

The Freeloader for Wii Thread of Joy, Happiness, Answers, Bloody NMH and BRAWL

Kyoto Introductions – SnakeFawdz 1 month ago Where did you grow up? Where I grew up? I was born and raised in New York in one of the five boroughs. Gunshots regularly littered the streets, stabbings, homicides, generally not a good place, however, over time the area has become a bit more gentrified.

SSB4 Looking to try out Smooth Lander Heavy Gravity mode online? We’ve made a chatroom on Anther’s Ladder for matchmaking! We’ve made a chatroom on Anther’s Ladder for matchmaking! .

Ultimate Direct, one of the most mind-boggling additions to the game was revealed: The story goes that many video game characters have lost their forms and become Spirits, which can be used as power-ups for the player’s fighter. These Spirits come from a dazzling array of different franchises, including Zelda, Metroid, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Xenoblade and even the Japanese DS exclusive Ouendan; basically, any series which is represented by a character in Smash already will have more than a few Spirit characters included.

This isn’t just fan service, however; Spirits can make all the difference in battle. Players can equip primary and support spirits to power-up or gain additional abilities, such as improved speed, better hitting power or even increased defence. By mixing and matching the Spirits you have equipped, you can unlock new abilities as well as cool features which bring even more character to the world of Smash.

Super Jump

Either I’m put in a good team that stomps the enemy, a bad team that gets annihilated, or an ok-ish team that puts up a fight, which is the same as Turf Wars. However, unlike Turf Wars, I’m only rewarded on a win, so the slightest skill difference can make or destroy my day, where in Turf Wars all you need to do is paint the map I’ve seen good teams lose because one guy decided to avoid the enemy and keep on painting , and you get a nice amount of points one way or another so one doesn’t feel like their time was wasted.

So overall, I’ll have to disagree. Now onto the playstyle system: I don’t really mind it. I’m not the best shot in the world, and I don’t like the stress induced from being in the front lines all the time.

Smashboards, also formerly known as Smash World Forums or SWF, is a forum devoted to the Super Smash Bros. series, allowing users to discuss strategies, as well as find and host tournaments. In addition to helping players organize tournaments for the games, Smashboards is notably where the most widely-accepted tier lists are published.

History[ edit ] Prior to the formation of Smashboards, Gideon , a thirteen year old smasher, created Smash World in , a website devoted to Smash One year later, he founded Smashboards. Initially referred to as the “Smash World Forums”, Gideon founded the site as to help players of Smash 64 talk to one another, as well as allow smashers to discuss the then-upcoming Melee and his upcoming site, Super Smash Bros.

Melee World; Gideon also had one board dedicated to The Battle Arena, a side project of his involving Flash animations he created with his friends. In addition to its standard boards, a Back Room was also created for certain users who had proved themselves; this Back Room would later go on to form the Back Rooms of later games, which would decide the tournament rulesets of games, as well as the tier lists for the games.

After the release of Melee, the first tournaments were organized on the SWForums, owing to its large playerbase and its ability for any player to potentially view topics about tournaments. Initially starting off as small, local affairs, Matt Deezie is generally credited with starting the national scene by using the forum to communicate with players outside of his native California, inviting users from as far away as Illinois to attend his tournaments.

The site also allowed users to communicate with overseas players, creating an international scene for the game as players in North America, Europe, and Japan began to invite each other to their respective countries for Melee tournaments. With the continued expansion of Melee’s tournament scene, the game was eventually picked up by Major League Gaming in , who helped promote the site and further assisted in making Smashboards the world’s largest forum and community devoted to Smash.

The site continued to rapidly expand following Melee’s inclusion in several MLG events, including the opening of Super Smash Blog, a website devoted to Brawl’s development after its showcase at E3 , and opening SmashWiki in March The MLG kept Melee in its circuits for many years, only dropping the game in due to declining interest in the Nintendo GameCube and the development of Brawl underway. In September , with Brawl having been released worldwide and beginning to be analyzed as a tournament game, the MLG purchased the forums from Gideon in September for an undisclosed sum.

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During this time, they cannot move, and are vulnerable to enemy fire, although it is possible to change the startup duration with abilities. When the player jumps, they do so quite high into the air, and towards their destination. This arc is too high for enemy fire to reach, but either way, the player is completely invulnerable during a Super Jump. The time it takes from the start of the jump to landing on the destination is always the same regardless of distance, but can also be changed with abilities.

Where they will land is marked by a marker, meaning enemies can wait there to splat that player. This can be hidden by using the ability Stealth Jump.

Reporting Matches: Either PM Jiggly on smashboards, or report results in chat (Jiggly may miss it there tho). Challonge link will be edited accordingly. Pleas put: “Twitch Name – NNID” in the name bracket, makes things easier for matchmaking and such.

This post is help people understand what’s going on here on Discord. If you click on this you can see people you have PM’d listed under Direct Messages. This is how you PM people on Discord. Below your Icon is a list of group chats you are in. Within this group chat are channels. Both Text channels and voice channels. Channels facilitate certain types of discussion and filter others elsewhere. They make talking in large groups much easier.

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Exceptions are American cartoons and Dragon Ball with context. No piracy We do not support piracy. If you want to participate, buy the game and make your own personal backup.

The latest Tweets from Smashboards (@Smashboards). The Home of the Smash Community and #1 Resource for Competitive Smash!. Living rooms everywhere.

He’s also received some major buffs, as he now has better recovery and speed. This means ””’Mario, Mega Man, and Sonic are going to star in the same game. This pits all of the original eight non-unlockable characters against each other once again! So instead, they are now their own separate character! This includes Zero Suit Samus! Now with metal gauntlets! He has also been considerably adjusted for ”Smash 4”. He’s nowhere near as [[GameBreaker overpowered]] as he was in ”Brawl”, but he’s still a solid character, meaning even those who loathe him as a TierInducedScrappy have a reason to be excited.

Some competitive players were also happy about the return of Dr. Mario after his absence from the previous game. Anybody who owns both versions of the game will be given access for [[DownloadableContent a free download]], unlocking the psychic powerhouse for the 3DS and the Wii U simultaneously! This, along with an unused, deliberately vague [[http:

What’s the most welcoming MP community?

Does anyone know the best times to get into matches when playing from New Zealand, specifically ranked mode? Have restarted from scratch since saves don’t work between versions and as a general observation have not seen any real difference in matchmaking quality Made it to ranked again, which I love As mentioned I made the switch due to splatfests being region locked for matchmaking, so hopefully that still works out better than my euro version

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As a casual player Dolphin is giving me the chance to play people I’ve never met before. It even has decent latency, given you and your opponent don’t live a continent away and you both have decent internet. There are players from all over the world, it’s quite easy to connect to other players nearby! If you ever played the game it’s super easy to start playing again!

In my country, there’s no scene at all. Luckily I can play with people from all over Europe now and improve. Getting my ass handed to me all the time.

Splatoon: the worst matchmaking ever invented?

Hello friends, Six years ago, we started a journey born out of our shared love for competitive fighting games. Eventually, the electrifying passion that coursed through us arced out and drew in more people until our small circle of friends grew into a team, and that team grew into an international community.

Project M and its community have grown larger than any of us ever anticipated, and it’s truly heartwarming to see all of the unforgettable connections and friendships that have been forged through this project. Unfortunately, we’re here to say that we’re at the end of that road.

Jan 07,  · With the new Smash Bros. for 3DS the online gameplay is actually significantly better than what it was for Brawl. As more people post their friends I will update the list within this post.

He plays very neutral heavy Ganon that capitalizes on mistakes well but has some glaring problems in disadvantage too many air wizkicks. Do your best to keep cool in disadvantage – in many cases, you have more options than you realize. You had respectable skill in identifying and punishing mistakes in nearly every matchup, even against Sheik. However, there’s still a little work to be done when it comes to adapting to opponents who are more versed in the Ganon matchup.

Neutral wasn’t so hot in many MUs but you had a solid defense. A little bit of more MU knowledge and mental conditioning will go a very long way. You had an okay neutral and extravagant punishes but tended to panic too much in disadvantage. Seems you’re relatively new to Ganon’s quirks but you have a lot of potential – keep on keepin’ on. Punishes were okay but you had a very glaring weakness against shield-camping. Your Ganon will improve a lot once you learn to incorporate more grabs and shield pressure into your game.

Van has some of the most dynamic offense of any Ganon out there and he’s able to consistently use it to win brackets. A couple of predictable play patterns are what keeps him from winning more often vs opponents who know how to fight Ganon. All four still have a long way to go, however; the road to power is indeed an arduous one. He has proven this time and again, even on wifi where zoners can really mess Ganon up.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch (2018) Speculation Thread

Create New “Of course, the problem with playing alone is that when you do finally get your mates around, suddenly you turn into that guy. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean. That guy who’s so much better than everyone because he plays it on his own, the loser.

Tournaments. Attending and organizing tournaments. Orders & Purchases. Track orders and payment methods. Logout. gg. Login.

Feb Dolphin Online Group: Melee Netplay After months of testing, reporting, and enjoying Gamecube Netplay in Dolphin,the first major leap in netplay usability is here. Courtesy of countless hours of dedication toward making the emulator more accurate by the Dolphin Staff, the stringent requirements for accurate netplay have been greatly lowered. While we mainly focus on Melee; this setup can be adapted to work with almost any GameCube game. Spectators can watch without impacting netplay latency!

Can disable memory cards in netplay for easy standardization of memory cards! Known Issues No known issues at the moment. Win 32 This will help you find what version you have. Specifically helps with games that have multiple versions.

One more step

Also note that while CodeJunkies doesn’t accept PayPal payments, Play-Asia does, so if you don’t have a credit card you might want to go with them. Why would I buy it? If you’re a US gamer, then you’ll be able to play Mario Kart in April, or some JP games that you know will take a looong time to come out in the States, if they ever do.

Jul 31,  · AFAIK the matchmaking in TW is practically nonexistent. I don’t know whenever it’s because there are too few people playing TW to make proper matchmaking possible or if the matchmaking is just that bad.

The State of Smash and Rankings Claim: I attended the University of Michigan where I became good friends with Juggleguy and the rest of the MI community, regularly attending tournaments and sometimes helping run them. I believe this background gives me some unique insight into certain issues in the community and how we might resolve them. Why We Need Better Rankings Recently, the need for an objective, reliable ranking system in Smash has become evident for a number of reasons.

Leffen recently tweeted regarding the need for top players having the privilege to skip through the pools phase of large tournaments, helping them avoid having to play too many games. Aside from the many practical applications of a centralized ranking system, there is also a lack of agreement upon how we rank players currently. After all, the ultimate goal of tournaments is to determine who the best players are, yet our tournaments yield much more data than is ever used for ranking purposes. Currently, tournament data is mostly only relevant for the top tier of players, culminating in an annual MIOM top ranking list.

However, many have pointed out the obvious shortcomings of this list, such as the strong bias towards American players, or even more specifically the perceived bias for members of the California Smash community. Of course such biases are impossible to avoid, and it has been pointed out that a lack of European or Japanese players in the MIOM top is a result of a lack of overlapping data between the regions, yet it is a shortcoming nonetheless.

Moreover, the top is generated once per year and as such cannot always be an accurate reflection of the perceived skill of our top players.

“Rematch?” – A Project M 2.6 Highlight / Combo Video by Meech & Unholydeath123

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