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What really goes down at a traditional Xhosa wedding By: Marriage is something that is highly valued in the Xhosa culture. When a woman gets married the entire community rejoices with her and her family as marriage is seen as a blessing from God. This is a traditional method of signifying the intention to marry and the bride is welcome to return to her family the following morning and then the betrothal process begins.

However, things have changed and some families prefer to be paid in cash. Once the lobola is finalised the marriage can take place. The families appoint a day for the wedding and a small traditional celebration takes place prior to that. Animals are slaughtered as a sacrifice to the ancestors, inviting them to bless the occasion and to introduce the bride to them. There are no formal invitations for this event, but anyone is welcome and it often leads to large crowds.

The wedding Just like with most weddings the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other the day before the wedding. The wedding celebrations continue for at least two days and the entire event is usually very joyous, includes lots of dancing, singing and features a lot of umqombothi traditional beer. At the end of the day the bride and groom walk along the main road together to show the community that they are now officially husband and wife.

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One famous Xhosa-language speaker who played an enormous role in the fight against apartheid in South Africa is Nelson Mandela. Classification of the Xhosa Language Xhosa is classified as a member of the Southeastern or Nguni group of the Bantu language group. Early History of the Xhosa Language: The Bantu Migration Although the term Bantu can be used to refer both to the Bantu language family and to a shared Bantu culture, the term is increasingly seen as a linguistic rather than a cultural label.

The Bantu people originated in present-day Cameroon and Nigeria and are believed to have migrated southward from about BC to AD. This is thought to be one of the largest mass migrations in all of human history.

Jan 10,  · Le blog yakhelwe ukuphuhlisa ulwimi lwesiXhosa, nokukhuthaza izithethe namasiko anenkqayi akwantu. Njengoko uninzi lwentsha yomXhosa yanamhlanje lungasasebenzisi iilwimi zalo phantse kuzo zonke inkalo zempilo zethu, kuyimfuneko ukuba kubekho ndlela zimbi zokugcina okanye ukukhumbuza isintu ngokubanzi ngeelwimi, amasiko nezithethe zomntu ontsundu – umXhosa ke kweli .

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What really goes down at a traditional Xhosa wedding

Xhosa Women are b! VIP – Please Read Before You Comment October 07, Relationships For over a decade or more like as long as i can remember, people in south Africa both man and woman have been stereotyping that Xhosa woman, the most beautiful woman are Hoes, Bitches, Izifebe and well today i would like to share my thoughts, my perspective, my own experiences about Xhosa woman. Before we get very far on this topic, what brought this up is the disturbing comment made by another Xhosa woman the other day, Vele man izifebe and i asked why and this was her answer !

Dating should have an honorable purpose—to help a young man and woman determine if they want to get married to each other. Granted, some of your peers might take a casual view of dating.

The movie shows the Xhosa tradition of ulwaluko, it is told from the perspective of a homosexual Xhosa man. It shows the journey to manhood, and documents the ins and outs of the initiation process. The movie has a lot of recurring themes and shows certain problems with the process of ulwaluko. It is problematic in so many ways.

This movie is another example of white directors and producers telling the stories of black people and benefiting from our problems. John Trengove is not entitled to speak about problems that are faced in the African community as he is not even part of these people whose stories he is telling.

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A boy covered with a blanket and smeared with chalky mud sits in a field as he and others undergo traditional Xhosa male circumcision ceremonies into manhood in Qunu. AP Public conversations on the tradition of ulwaluko are usually centred on male- oriented norms for circumcision. It is rare to hear the conversation geared towards what ulwaluko actually means to black women particularly within the Xhosa community. Although unheard of in public conversations, Xhosa women actually have a significant influence on the self-perceptions Xhosa males hold of themselves and their desire for the tradition of ulwaluko.

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This is an attempt at piecing together bits and pieces of our distant history, uncovering our past with the hope of making more sense of the present so we can then have a better plan for the future. The ancestors of AbaNtu date back to at-least years. These bones of our earliest ancestors were discovered in by a team of palaeontologists led by Richard Leakey at the Kibish Formation along the Omo River.

Kimeu is now regarded as the most successful discoverer of hominid bones in the world. By — 40 years ago these early ancestors were already laying the foundation of our culture when they were using red-ochre imbola at Blombos Caves in Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. Throughout this era, these early ancestors mainly relied on hunting for their livelihood. They were hunting wild animals, fish and whatever else they could catch from land, sky or from the ocean. These earliest humans mastered the art of conceptualising, creating and storing items that enhanced their lives, such as tools or physical ornamentation.

They reached a milestone in the journey of human life. A major change occurred around 10 years ago when they started domesticating plants which marked the beginning of the Agricultural Revolution. This major breakthrough enabled them to settle in one place. The birth of agriculture quickly drew them to fertile lands along the Blue Nile River and the White Nile River and moved north as the river got bigger and more fertile.

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Mon 22 January A Top 10 countdown where DJs from the country’s biggest radio stations share their Top 10 music videos. Mzansi’s favourite study buddy offers quality education on core subjects as well as fun games, visits local schools and explores topical, youth-related issues.

Apr 26,  · Xhosa clan names (isiduko (sing.), iziduko (pl.) in Xhosa) are family names which are considered more important than surnames among Xhosa people. Much like the clan system of Scotland, each Xhosa person can trace their family history back to a specific male ancestor or stock. Mentioning the clan name of someone you wish to thank is the highest form of respect, and it is considered polite .

Beliefs and tradition[ edit ] Sangomas greeting each other A sangoma is a practitioner of ngoma, a philosophy based on a belief in ancestral spirits Zulu: Sangomas believe they are able to access advice and guidance from the ancestors for their patients through spirit possession by an ancestor, or mediumship , throwing bones, or by dream interpretation. Some sangomas speak to their patients through normal conversation, whilst others speak in tongues, or languages foreign to their patients, but all languages used by sangomas are indigenous Southern African languages depending on the specific ancestors being called upon.

Not all sangomas follow the same rituals or beliefs. Ancestral spirits can be the personal ancestors of the sangoma or the patient or they might be general ancestors associated with the geographic area or the community. By using ngoma, the sangoma believes they can create harmony between the spirits which is thought to bring an alleviation of the patient’s suffering. In a typical session, a patient will visit the sangoma and the sangoma must determine what the affliction is or the reason the patient has come to them for help.

The patient or diviner throws bones on the floor, which may include animal vertebrae, dominoes, dice, coins, shells and stones, each with a specific significance to human life. For example, a hyena bone signifies a thief and will provide information about stolen objects. The sangoma or the patient throws the bones but the ancestors control how they lie.

The sangoma then interprets this metaphor in relation to the patient’s afflictions, what the ancestors of the patient require, and how to resolve the disharmony.

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