Daffynition: Definition for a Humourist, eh!

Essentials, Progressions, and Mastery. I’ll teach you the basics to the advanced. The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! This course will provide you with the skills necessary to become a proficient PeopleTools developer. Through this course, we build an application to introduce and explain concepts, from simple to complex. We’ll start by creating a simple one-page application. We’ll progress by exploring various controls to prompt and display data on a page, and move to manipulating the page through PeopleCode, maintaining calculated fields, and use effective dating and parent-child scroll levels. The application that we build during this course comprises elements of PeopleTools development that every PeopleTools developer should possess, and what every project manager or technical recruiter expects you to know. The course is divided into three distinct sections:

Daffynition: Definition for a Humourist, eh!

Sign In TrustRadius Ultimate Software delivers cloud-based HCM solutions that help businesses accelerate talent acquisition, simplify payroll computations, manage time and attendance, and support proactive, strategic talent management. This takes a 4 member team an average of 7 hours to do. Our entire population has access to the UltiPro portal where they can see their profile which includes their taxes, benefits, paychecks, vacation and personnel time, rate of pay, etc.

They can access this from their computer or phone. My specialty field is benefits; I can tell you Ulti has been there from day one with the ACA compliance for part-time benefits. Over different areas we have looked for a 3rd party to administrate some things; but that didn’t last long because Ulti has been there to provide us with what we need, so much so that we didn’t have to send out to a 3rd party.

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Questions or ideas for posts? I can be reached at: If this blog has helped you at all, please click on one or many! Then I know that someone is reading. Friday, 5 July Converting data into Workday – why it isn’t easy some days I wrote previously on the topic of converting from PeopleSoft to Workday. Since then, we’ve gone through another conversion cycle, so I thought it would be an interesting example of why converting into Workday can take longer than you expect some days Like many companies, we track Emergency Contact data.

In our case, it’s in a PeopleSoft system. Nothing fancy, just whatever the new employee wrote onto the paper form, which then got entered into the system. During fit gap, we looked at WD and yep, it has Emergency Contact data pages too, so we should be good to go. During data mapping, we looked at both systems and defined rules of what needed to point to the various WD fields What we learned during the conversion exercise 1.

WD has built-in formatting on the address and phone numbers, PSoft does not. In particular, PSoft does not offer standardization on phone numbers, and it wasn’t a high priority item for the HR users to keep formatted.

PeopleSoft PeopleTools I Rel 8.55

This article is intended to help clear things up, but like anything I write, I could be off the mark, so please feel free to discuss this article in the forums. The typical pairing combinations you might see in records are: This is literally just storing the effective date of a row. I like to think of this as the date on which the row was effective as in when it started to be of any consequence.

In this sense an effective date can be in the future.

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Limitations of Translate table? Field values should be small static. Minimum Field length should be 1 to 4 characters. What is a prompt table? Prompt tables are the most common methods for validating data entry in ps applications. This is like application data table the only difference is that it stores values that other tables can validate against. Prompt table is a control table. Prompt Table No Edit 3.


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Introduction. Please note that most of these Brand Names are registered Trade Marks, Company Names or otherwise controlled and their inclusion in this index is strictly for information purposes only.

You can use the information to look at what has happened up to now and plan for the future. The system categorizes effective-dated rows into three basic types. Effective dates allow you to maintain historical data. Effective dates also allow you to enter future data, to prepare for changes in advance. You can retrieve information without knowing any effective dates. Effective dating allows you to attach a time reference to the data.

It works as a cross-reference, because the system constantly compares the effective dates on tables. This is critical for ensuring that data you select from prompt tables is valid as of the effective date of the data on which you are working — do not delete data. Specify when data goes into effect. Allow you to keep history on data. Ensure data is valid at a given point in time. Future Data rows that have effective dates greater than the system date.

The Beauty of TOAD for Oracle

Primarily developed in the s as a utility for developers, TOAD has evolved to become a must-have tool useful for all Oracle professionals, including administrators, managers, and analysts. I caught up with the authors to discuss TOAD, how it’s used, and their views on where Oracle as a company is headed. How did you first come across TOAD?

How did you use it? At that time mid ’90s , it was the only good general purpose, graphical user interface into Oracle databases. Oracle experimented back then with several Windows tools e.

Yes, I’m with Colby, if you could paste the sql that would definately help. If you are using the (+) syntax, the outer join most likely won’t work if the record PS_RL_STDNT_RM_VW has row security enabled.

As the current date progresses for the same effective dated items: The effective date on a tree defines when that version of the tree takes effect. Effective dates on trees are used to show planned changes in the hierarchy the tree represents. In the HR Department tree we want to add a new Hardware department effective The way to do this is to copy the current HR Department tree to the new effective date of Open the new tree and add the Department node for Hardware. When the current date reaches , then the HR Department tree with the HARDWARE department will become effective for application and reporting purposes, and the previous effective date version of the Hardware tree will be a copy for historical purposes.

When there is only one dated item in the user table, then the date becomes a criteria determining whether that item is available for use in the tree at all. Where trees and user data differs is how the effective dates are considered in respect to the current date and when the tree and the data come into scope, as follows: Therefore, in a particular tree, the nodes and details valid for that tree must have an effective date on the user data record earlier or the same as the effective date on the tree.

An effective dated tree with a user table with 3 effective data records for the same item:


A big, gnarly query with many correlated subqueries makes it difficult to reason about. You break it down. Start executing pieces of the query to get an idea of the relations that are at play in your mind. Correlated subqueries make that difficult because you cannot select a piece of the query and run it individually. Especially in the case of PeopleSoft, these subqueries are wired to other relations outside of the immediate scope.

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Helical works on Jaspersoft BI platform and thus helps improve clients’ bottomline by harnessing data, relevant KPIs representation using best data visualization, building Data warehouse and ETLs if needed. Founded in , Sysnovare delivers solutions to the Enterprise, Public Administration and Education sectors. All Sysnovare solutions are developed and implemented, fitting the specific needs to the client, by a highly skilled and experienced team.

Sysnovare prides itself on delivering on their three pillars: LOGO took a step in the business world by developing and engineering software for personal computers in and became an IT oriented high-technology group. Enterprise resource management, sector-oriented solutions, procurement and demand chain automation customized for various sizes, business processes design counseling and similar products and services can be counted among these solutions.

LOGO had a good innings and won many awards, both in Turkey and abroad. The relevant services for the products customized to the business practices, legal legislations and languages for several countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia are provided by fully-authorized distributors or private companies in those countries.

MapR MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR is used by more than customers across financial services, retail, media, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and government organizations and by leading Fortune and Web 2. Based on more than 15 years of experience our work covers a wide range of different sectors automotive, banking, retail and healthcare industry.

Our core success factor is a high level of academic and practical qualification of all of our employees. So we gladly take the challenge of complex technical and conceptual integration projects to enable successful reporting solutions. OEM Edition , a suite of operational reporting products that includes a high- performance interactive report server, a graphical report creation tool, and a pixel-perfect reporting system with dashboards, tables, crosstabs and charts.

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The data conversion strategy will focus on providing flexibility, data integrity, regulatory requirements, University processing, administration, and reporting needs. Scope of Conversion Employee data required to maintain, administer and process employee information for Human Resource, Benefits, and Payroll will be required by PeopleSoft. Princeton University would like to convert all history from the mainframe into either PeopleSoft or a data mall for reporting purposes.

A number of options can be used to accomplish this but the decision will be dependent a number of factors including, development of a reporting instance or datamall application, performance of the production environment, balance against the business requirements of the affected offices.

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More than 20 projects mostly Korean were presented at the crypto forum. The event attracted hundreds of visitors and dozens of ICO launchers. Oleg Gervalov demonstrated the design of Datecoin dating service for South Korea and announced token listing at three exchanges, including AllCoin. According to him, the token will enter major Korean and Japanese exchanges in June and July, respectively. The event supported by Korean blockchain community Amble, lasted more than 3 hours and gathered about 30 guests.

DateCoin consultants Ik Song, Jey Lee and Kent Kim have introduced the project to the audience, participated in panel discussions and revealed the project prospects for Korean investors. He has also demonstrated the first app prototype for the South Korean market to be released this summer. All meetup participants received valuable gifts commemorative coins DateCoin and DateCoin t-shirts.

During the event, Oleg Gervalov announced a new data service under the auspices of DateCoin coming soon to Korean market. As the part of blockchain projects exhibition, he presented DateCoin ICO and held a number of meetings with investors and consultants of DateCoin. During his speech Nikita Anufriev has noted that while other tokens strive for the moon, DateCoin aims to Mars. The latter presented the project from the stage together with Nikita Anufriev. The latter presented DateCoin an award for the best performance – a diploma and a commemorative statuette during the best projects awards ceremony.

The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the best practices in the field of combining artificial intelligence and distributed registry technology in order to change the usual way of life.

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Using Effective Dates This section provides an overview of effective dates and discusses how to use page action options and effective dates. Effective dating allows you to store historical data, see changes in your data over time, and enter future data. For example, you may want to track several events in the career of Tom Sawyer: By inserting rows of data based on his employee ID, and significant dates, you can build a job history. When you enter new information that is related to existing data in this case about an employee , such as a transfer or pay rate change, you do not want to lose or overwrite the data already stored in the database.

Aug 15,  · Created in the s by M&A lawyer Martin Lipton, the so-called “poison pill” is a tactic public companies use to thwart hostile takeovers. In effect, it is an agreement adopted by a company’s.

In effect, it is an agreement adopted by a company’s board of directors that makes the target’s stock prohibitively expensive or otherwise unattractive to an unwanted acquirer. To date, no takeover bid has ever seen a poison pill fully executed — management teams typically have used the strategy as a deterrent and negotiation tool, buying their company time to bargain for a better purchase price.

But shareholders often rail against the tactic, arguing that they don’t always have the right to vote on the bid, and that a takeover bid that management finds unwanted could actually be in their best interest. Consequently, many public companies that become acquisition targets face the awkward decision to either appease investors or lose one of their most effective weapons against hostile takeovers. How It Works Most poison-pill agreements are triggered when an outside company or individual — think Carl Icahn , for example — acquires enough stoc k to gain a controlling interest in the target company.

The term is often used as a catch-all for a variety of antitakeover measures, but in its most common form there are two primary tactics: Management offers shares to investors at a discount if an acquirer merely purchases a certain percentage of the company. The discount is not available to the acquirer, and so it becomes extremely expensive for that acquirer to complete the takeover.

Although state courts have generally upheld the validity of poison pills since the s, judges have recently leaned toward limiting their scope in order to protect shareholders. Currently, a target company can still legally keep its poison pill in place and accept an offer from another bidder, as long as the final acquisition price is higher than the original hostile bid.

In the mid s Revlon tried to skirt this legal requirement because its directors favored a deal with a private equity firm. Why It Matters Now According to research firm Thomson Financial, there are currently over 1, poison pills in place at public companies today, with nearly 35 percent set to expire over the next two years.

Using the Effective Date Calculator

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